Aerial Videography and Photography

At Paragon Media Group, we offer aerial video and photography of UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) drone technology as FAA Certified and licensed pilots.  Our pilots go through rigoress 60 hour training using a combination of classroom, simulations, and supervised field training with our experieced pilots and through the Unmanned Vehicle University. Using various drones and camera equipment such as HD 4K video, GoPros, 360 degree cameras, and more; we will provide spectacular aerial footage that will set your video and photos apart from your competition. Not only are we supplied with the best equipment, we have highly trained professionals who have experience and degrees in video production, videography, video editing, photography and photography editing who are also licensed pilots to ensure that your video and photos are done professionally.

By law, any aircraft operation in the national airspace requires a certificated and registered aircraft, a licensed pilot, and operational approval.

-Federal Aviation Administration

Our Services

Paragon Media Group provides aerial videography Wisconsin services using the latest in UAV drone technology in all areas ranging from marketing for your business, promotional videos, land survey, real estate and construction, agriculture, special events and weddings, sporting events, photography, motion pictures, and more. Our pricing is customized based on each project in order to fit your budget. Contact us today to discuss your project and see how we can help.

Experienced UAV Pilots

Paragon Media Group is a company that has taken steps to insure that we are flying legally and safely throughout the production of your project. As FAA certified UAV pilots, we have the authority to fly commercially in accordance with all FAA regulations. It is important to know that you are working with a professional drone company that will be certain that no laws during aerial operations. And remember, always ask for pilot and drone licensing credentials. 

Gold Standard Safety & Training!

At Paragon Media Group, we are confident that we have the best safety and training regiments in the industry today. ¬†All of our pilots are throughly trained in the classroom, with flight simulation, and in the field for a total of 100¬†hours before being able to conduct aerial operations independantly. ¬†All of our pilots have passed the FAA examination to be classified as FAA certified UAV pilots and have also successfully passed our internal written exam regarding our¬†in depth safety procedures. ¬†We make it mandatory to always have two person crews on every flight operation and we regularly perform maintenance on all our aerial vehicles. ¬†We carry all of the proper industry specific insurances with the highest coverage limits available today. We leave nothing to chance when it comes to safety, training, and coverage. ¬†As you can see, we just don’t go to the store, open the box and say we are UAV professionals. ¬†We ARE the professionals!