Video Is The Future: 3 Key Factors To The Importance Of Video Marketing

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What was the first thing you did when you clicked on this blog post? If you watched our video first, you are exactly like 90% of consumers on the Internet.

In 2016, we live in a world that is constantly connected. People are always watching videos, sharing something they see, and spreading the word to more people. What has encouraged this huge growth in the cyber world? The answer is video.

When a customer views a video pertaining to a company, they instantly invest themselves. After watching 30 seconds of a video, the costumer can determine if they are going to do business with you or not. You are giving them that instant gratification of knowing what to expect, without having to do all the research. By having a video, customers are going to continue to click through your site, or pass the video along to someone else.

As a company, you need to market yourself in way that will make new customers want to buy your products, or do business with you. Here are 3 reasons why video is the future of marketing:

  1. It Captures Your Attention
    When a consumer has the option to watch a video or read through text, more than 90% of the time, they will watch the video first. Videos are appealing, and quick to give you the information you want, rather than skimming through text to try to find the answer. Videos engage and set the tone for the message your company is trying to portray to consumers. It will make potential costumers want to go to your website to find out more, or have existing costumers pass it along to a friend.
  2. Social Engagement
    Videos are one of the easiest things to go viral. When one person likes a video, they forward it on to someone else, then that person shares in on their Facebook; from then on your video is getting more likes, views, and shares than you ever imagined. Video gives customers the ability and ease to forward on information about your company without you having to do all the work.
  3. Exposure/Click Through Rate
    Once your video is out for the public to see, the exposure of your company increases tremendously. With a video on your website, Google automatically will rank website higher on a search engine page than those who don’t. It’s no longer about word of mouth, but rather, click of a mouse. When a video is directly linked to your website, customers and clients will continue to click through your website, creating conversions. It’s as simple as this… no video, no growth.

This world is constantly evolving. Stay ahead of your competition by using video to market your business.